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WigWag Home Automation

Recently there was a Kickstarter post on this new piece of tech called, ‘WigWag’. Basically it’s similar to other home automation product but packages up into a nice user friendly package. It also plays nice with other stuff on the market. The thing that most interested me was the ability to integrate with some of […]

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MYO Motion controller

I pre-ordered this device a while back as soon as I saw it. It has some really cool real world applications. Like controlling your iphone, presentations, volume controls on your PC or laptop, web browsing, etc. I’m excited to see how developers integrate this device with other products as it becomes more available. Official site

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Leap Motion

A new motion control device has just been released. I’m pretty excited about this one but the MYO has me more excited as you can take it anywhere. The Leap Motion you need to be sitting down at a desk to really use it. I’ll probably still end up picking one up though :) Check […]

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Google Glass

I’m very keen to get my hands on the Google Glass. They are talking that it might be out by the end of 2013. I will be wearing these to work and around the house :) I have a few ideas I want to develop with these :) The Verge have had a chance to […]

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Almond+ – KickStarter

Almond is has been out for a while and has been getting rave reviews. In fact its the #1 selling on Amazon.com. I stumbled across their next gen product, the Almond +. What makes this router different from the pack is that is had a LCD screen that you can use to interface with and […]

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Cool shot :D

Protected: Garden Automation Project

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

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Belkin WeMo Switches

The Belkin WeMo is switch that you can control through your iphone that turns power off and on. I been interested in getting these for a while now and Belkin have just released them in Australia. I got one last week to trial it out and so far I’m very impressed. It took me less […]

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Google Nexus 7

I must admit I have fallen in love with Apple products over the last few years. The iPad is the must ever used gadget I have owned. I have been getting a bit bored though with the iOS and want to try something new. The Google Nexus might just tempt me with its price point […]

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I’ve recently started playing around with Arduino. I started out with the beginners kits and have that has exploded a ton of ideas of projects I want to create. My first thoughts were to control my fan in my network rack with some logic to turn them on and off based on temperature ranges. After […]

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Energy Monitoring

I recently got Solar installed and can monitor how much it’s generating and how much power we are consuming in the house. It’s very addictive to try and get it down as much as possible.. esp when you can see in real time how much each extra light now is costing. I’m using this device: […]

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