WigWag Home Automation

Recently there was a Kickstarter post on this new piece of tech called, ‘WigWag’. Basically it’s similar to other home automation product but packages up into a nice user friendly package. It also plays nice with other stuff on the market. The thing that most interested me was the ability to integrate with some of the other products on the market that I have or plan to buy. Like Belkin’s WeMo and Philips Hue range of products. It even connects into ITFF.com.

Another interesting aspect is they have ‘presence’ devices that your can say put on your key ring and the devices can detect you are close to them. An interesting use case would be turn lights on / off based on this. They presented a nice one where the water sprinkling system was on and when you approached it turned off and when you left resumed watering.

Categories: House, Tech

Author:Edward Austin

Solutions Architect, Gamer


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